Helping You Overcome Tough Organizational Challenges

Our goal is for you to leave better off than we started!

Providing strategic solutions and expert advice to help you elevate your organization to the next level with a customized solution.

Typical Results

  • Improved competitive advantage.
  • Maximized profits.
  • Successful software and system upgrades/implementations.
  • Better performance.
  • Lower costs.
  • Higher productivity.
  • And More…
Gotch Group LLC
Gotch Group LLC

Better Project Delivery & outcomes

Project management provides critical value to your organization’s growth and is indispensable for project smooth and timely completion. Carrie has years of experience working with business leaders and subject matter experts from the discovery phase to implementing solutions, consistently ensuring successful outcomes that meet the business objectives. 

Carrie develops a customized strategic solution to help your business transform and drive bottom-line results, leading you to meet customer demand and be more competitive in your industry.


Gotch Group LLC
Gotch Group LLC

Continous Improvement Kaizen Workshop!

$10,000 Flat fee

Carrie Gotch will guide a small team (5-8) in applying Kaizen principles to utilize the resources available to streamline a current process. The team will identify root causes, eliminate wastes, create solutions that improve efficiencies and reduce abnormalities in a process that have hidden unnecessary costs.

The team will walk away feeling empowered with a mindset of continuous improvement to make their own Kaizen improvements and strive to look for ways to make things better continually!